Industry Highlight: Sunbrite LED Lighting Solutions

Lumex has been making products for general lighting applications for over 30 years. Today, through our SunBrite brand, our lighting customers are the leaders in their respective markets. From appliance and automotive to medical devices and test and measurement equipment, SunBrite products have been the answer to some of the most demanding customer requirements. Lumex is focused on small space lighting with both standard products and custom solutions. From our LED clusters and MR16 lamp replacements to integrated lighting solutions, Lumex always works in collaboration with our customer’s design engineers. We are always engaged to understand the application and the context for the lighting, and regularly offer a final design which exceeds our customer’s expectations and is a departure from the original request.

Optoelectronics are being rapidly adopted across every type of lighting application. Design engineers are increasingly looking for a single supplier partner with a broad line of standard lighting products as well as integrate design capability like Lumex to ease the burden of sourcing multiple vendors. Lumex recognizes that within small space lighting, there are many niches that have different requirements. Some of Lumex’s small space lighting focus niches include:

  • Medical Device

  • Industrial Controls

  • Appliance

  • Automotive Interior

  • Test and Measurement

SunBrite Brand Product Families

  • High Bright/Power LEDs

  • RGB LEDs

  • SMT LEDs

  • Through Hole LEDs

  • LED Light Panels

  • LED Tube Lighting

  • LED Clusters

  • LED Arrays and Assemblies


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