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RoHS Compliant
QuasarBrite LEDs
LED 7-Segment Displays
Single Digit
0.30" Single Digit
Features / Options
  • Standard and high brightness chips
  • Intensity grading available
  • Face and segment off colors in gray and milky white
  • Custom Sizes Available
Applications / Uses
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Eqiupment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Security Electronics
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Meter Displays
SKUSPECWavelengthIntensity mcd @ 10mAColorCommon Column PinFaceSegment
LDS-SMA3002RI-TRdownload PDF5652500Green(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMA3002RISUGTRdownload PDF5747000Green(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMA3004RI-SITRdownload PDF63515000Red(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMA3004RI-TRdownload PDF6352500Red(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMA3006RI-TRdownload PDF6608000Red(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMA3007RIUSBTRdownload PDF4706000Blue(+)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMC3002RI-TRdownload PDF5652500Green(-)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMC3002RISUTRdownload PDF5747000Green(-)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMC3004RI-TRdownload PDF6352500Red(-)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMC3006RI-TRdownload PDF6608000Red(-)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check
LDS-SMC3007RIUSBTRdownload PDF4706000Blue(-)GreyWhiterequest samplestock check