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RoHS Compliant
QuasarBrite LEDs
2mm x 4mm
Features / Options
  • State-of-the-Art LED Technology
  • Choice of LED Colors and Lens FInishes
  • Lead Frame / Lens Casting Reliability
  • Easy-to-Solder Leads, Tin Finish
  • Available Bulk or on Tape and Reel
  • Custom Solutions available
Applications / Uses
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Eqiupment
  • Communications Equipment
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Security Electronics
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • Large Panel Indicators
SKUSPECEmitted ColorChip MaterialPeak Wavelength (nm)Lens TypeTyp. VfIf (mA)Intensity Typ.View Angle 2x Theta
SSL-LX2473ADdownload PDFAmberGaAsP610Diffused2.020110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473GDdownload PDFGreenGaP565Diffused2.110110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473IDdownload PDFRedGaAsP635Diffused2.120110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473SIDdownload PDFRedAlInGaP636Diffused2.045110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473SODdownload PDFOrangeAlInGaP610Diffused2.045110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473SRDdownload PDFRedGaAlAs660Diffused1.830110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473SUGDdownload PDFGreenAlInGaP574Diffused2.225110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473SYDdownload PDFYellowAlInGaP590Diffused2.045110request samplestock check
SSL-LX2473USBDdownload PDFBlueInGaN470Diffused3.530110request samplestock check