QuantumBrite™ LED Backlights(Edge Lit)

Lumex's QuantumBrite™ family of LED Backlights represents a new generation of backlight technology. To

further enhance LCD design visibility, Lumex's Technical Design Specialists can work with you to develop backlight solutions that can easily be customized with a variety of technologies including LED Edge Lit and LED Chips On Board.

QuantumBrite™ LED Backlights provide:

  • High Brightness Outputs
    • Intensities up to 10X that of normal backlights
    • Full daylight visibility
    • Increased backlight illumination through unique brightness enhancement films
  • Longer lifespan
    • Up to 100,000 hours
  • Reduced energy consumption
    • Lower power consumption than traditional backlighting sources
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • LEDs do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury
    • Saves resources as LEDs are replaced less often than CCFLs
  • Durability and Cost Savings
    • LEDs are thinner in design than conventional CCFL backlit displays
    • LEDs maintain their brightness intensity over a longer period of time

Lumex also offers solutions that go beyond traditional backlighting applications such as direct and indirect lighting, indication, logo enhancement and more. All of Lumex's backlight solutions come in a wide array of standard colors, including RGB on a custom basis.

The following pages provide an overview of the types of backlight products Lumex provides.

In addition to our standard product offering, Lumex can also customize any LED to suit your specific design needs.