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ezDisplay - Dot Matrix LED Display

Q: How do I connect ezDisplay LED module to PC ?
A: Please refering to Quick User Guide
Q: How to install the ezDisplay console software?
A: ezDisplay console softwares requires Microsoft Windows 7 or above. To install a newer version ezDisplay console software, please uninstall the previous version beforehand. Here is the link to download ezDisplay console software Download ezDisplay console software.
Q: What are the differences between ezDisplay advanced and starter? Here is the link to download ezDisplay console software.
A: The advanced is more suitable for professional user which contains full list AT command for engineer to develop their programs. The starter is emphasizing on the graphic mode which everyone can easily operate it. Here is the link to download full list AT command Download Command List.
Q: How to find USB to UART bridge COM port in ezDisplay console software?
A: The driver for the USB to UART bridge supplied from Lumex is able to be downloaded from Silicon Laboratories. - CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. Once the driver is proper installed and the cable between the PC/notebook and USB to UART bridge is connected, the USB to UART bridge should be listed in COM and LPT section. (How to open Device Manager). Once the USB to UART bridge appears in the Device Manager, it should be selected from ezDisplay console software.
Q: How to change the baud rate between 115200bps(default) and 9600bps?
A: There are two different baud rate, 115200bps and 9600bps, could be set on USB to UART bridge supplied by Lumex. The default baud rate is 115200bps. The command “atfb=(0)” is setting the baud rate to 9600bps and “atfb=(1)” is setting the baud rate to 115200bps. The baud rate is stored in the EEPROM of ezDisplay controller. Software reopen and COM port reconnected is required. By the way, don't forget to check the baud rate of ezDisplay console software.
Q: Can Bluetooth and USB to UART bridge be used to send data to ezDisplay LED module at the same time?
A: The priority of USB to UART bridge is higher than Bluetooth. Once the USB to UART bridge connected, ezDisplay controller only take the data from USB to UART bridge and discard the command from Bluetooth.
Q: Can I edit a picture on Mobile Apps like the software on PC ?
A: This feature is under developing and will be released soon in newer version.
Q: Why it takes 10 seconds to send a picture by App while PC only takes 1 second ?
A: It takes longer time for Bluetooth to process the package data.
Q: How do I connect the module to my own controller (MCUs) UART interface, i.e arduino or Rasberry Pi. ?
A: Remove the USB to UART bridge from module, leave the four wires cable on. The red wire is +5V, black wire is ground, the white wire is Rx of LED module should connect to the Tx of your MCUs , the yellow wire is Tx of LED module should connect to the Rx of your MCUs.
Q: Do you have outdoor module ?
A: Yes we have P8/P10 32x16 and P5 64x32 outdoor module.
Q: How many modules (size) or pixels can put together?
A: We can support up to 16 pcs 64x32 module or 64 pcs 32x16 module
Q: Can it play video?
A: No. it only support graphic data not the video format
Q: How to change the brightness?
A: The brightness has 12 scales. 0 is off, 1 is dimmest, 11 is brightest. The AT command “atf2=(x)” can be used to change the brightness, ‘x’ can be 0~11. This value is not stored in EEPROM. Therefore, everytime the ezDisplay module power up, the brightness is reset to default value 11 (brightest).
Q: What is the function of Micro USB port on ezDisplay LED module?
A: The Micro USB port mounted on the current protector serves as the 5V power supply input. It doesn’t have any function of communication. In short, "power only".
Q: What is the power consumption?
A: The maximum power with the 1.5A current protector is 7.5W.
Q: Why does color change when showing certain patterns ?
A: With the current protector when the power consumption reaches to 7.5W, the current cannot go up anymore so the color displayed will be changed.
Q: How to turn all the pixels on?
A: The current protector is used to protect the power supply, since most output of 5A usb charge is limited to 1A. In case all pixels needed to be turn on at the same time, please remove the current protector from the LED module and connect a 5V power supplier to LED module directly. The power supply needs at least 30W.
Q: How many colors does ezDisplay LED Display support ?
A: The LED display supports up to 64 colors with ezDisplay module. Please refer to color code table in specification file.
Q: How to send picture through MCUs?
A: To send a picture to 64x32 ezDisplay module is simply send 2048 bytes data to LED module. One byte for one LED (one pixel). The format is 8-bit indexed color bitmap, please refer color code table in specification file.
Q: Does it support Wifi, RF, Ethernet or POE?
A: Yes. Please contact Lumex sales representative for further information.