ezDisplay - Quick User Guide

This user guide is available in PDF format -

Items in the Box

  1. LED Display Module
  2. USB to UART Module
  3. Cable to connect between USB to UART module and LED Display Module

Note: additional usb(micro-B) cable is needed (not include)

Connect all items and light up

Back Plan Detail * Before making the connection, please prepare a usb micro-b cable and power supplier ready.
** most usb cable for android phone is micro-B and usb charger for mobile phone could be the power supply.
  1. Bluetooth only
    Bluetooth Connection
    1. Bluetooth module is already pluged with LED Display Module
    2. Simple connect a usb cable to the usb socket at position “B” – this connection is for power only.
  2. With USB to UART module
    UART connection 1
    UART connection 1
    1. “D”and “E” are the same.
    2. Plug “D” in to “C”
    3. Plug “E” to “A”
    4. Connect a usb cable to the usb socket on USB to UART module(2) – this connection for power and data.

Note: bluetooth can’t be used while USB to UART module is connected.

Quick Page Switching

A bottom is located in the back to switch stored pages.

Quick Switch Bottom Note: There are 7 pages stored in ezDisplay module, starting from page 0 to page 6.

Software and Command list download

Start to use ezDisplay – Bluetooth (mobile phone)

  1. Get ezDisplay APPs from App Store or Google Play for your mobile.
    Get it on Google Play
    Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
    Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

  2. Connecting to bluetooth ezDisplay LDM * This mobile Apps is for Bluetooth only, to use UART module, please use desktop console.

  3. Pairing ezDisplay by Bluetooth Note: The default password is “123456”

  4. Single Page Display

  5. Multi-Pages Display

  6. Command and Graphic Editor There are two sections in the tab. Command and Graphic Editor.

  7. Command and Graphic Editor – Command The first section is “Command Input Field”, which can send commands to ezDisplay LDM. Check Command List to find out more details.

  8. Command and Graphic Editor – Graphic The second sections start with page number(0~7). The first section is “Command Input Field”, which can send commands to ezDisplay LDM. 3 steps to make this happen.
    1. Select the page to show the picture
    2. Load a picture from your mobile device
    3. Send picture to ezDisplay Module.

  9. Seven Segments Display – This function is dedicate to Clock Type LED Display Module