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MicronSensIR™ Infrared LEDs

Lumex offers an extensive range of infrared LED capabilities with our family of QuasarBrite™; Infrared LEDs. Offered in both emitter and detector packages, Lumex's QuasarBrite Infrared LEDs can be developed in a spectrum range of 750nm to 1700nm..

MicronSensIR™ Infrared LEDs

QuasarBrite™ Infrared LEDs are well suited for a unique range of applications, including:

  • Security systems, such as electronic gates, motion detectors and night vision cameras
  • Medical devices or cosmetic procedure equipment
  • Utility meters for transmitting data for easy meter reading
  • Transferring data between electronic consumer devices such as mobile phones

The categpries below provide an overview of the types of infrared LED products Lumex provides.

In addition to our standard product offering, Lumex can also customize any LED to suit your specific design needs.