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QuasarBrite™ SMD LEDs

Low Current SMT/SMD LED

Lumex's Low Current SMT/SMD LEDs are the best solutions for low power consumption application.

QuasarBrite™ SMD-LX0707RGB-TR
QuasarBrite™ SMD-LX0707RGB-TR

The opreating current of Lumex's Low Current SMT/SMD LEDs are under 10mA(the majority is under 5mA) comparing to most LEDs operating current 20mA to 30mA.

Two differnet packages and colors are ready to fit various application. 5 colors including white color are availabe with 0201 pacakge SMT/SMD LEDs. Don't forget to check Lumex's Digital RGB SMT/SMD LEDs SMD-LX0707RGB-TR.

Features / Options

  • Color Options: Red, Orange, Green, Blue and White LED.
  • RGB Low Current SMT/SMD LED: SMD-LX0707RGB-TR
  • Lead frame / lens casting reliability
  • Easy-to-solder leads, gold finish
  • Available in tape and reel
  • Custom solutions available

Applications / Uses

  • Industrial controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Security electronics
0201 Package
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Chip Material Peak Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf If(mA) Intensity Typ. View Angle 2x𝜃½
SML-LX0201NWD-TR White InGaN N.A. Clear 2.6V 5mA 55mcd 110
SML-LX0201USBC-TR Blue InGaN 465nm Clear 2.6V 5mA 15mcd 110
SML-LX0201UPGC-TR Green InGaN 520nm Clear 2.5V 10mA 100mcd 110
SML-LX0201SOW-TR Orange AlInGaN 610nm Milky White Diffused 1.8V 2mA 10mcd 110
SML-LX0201SIW-TR Red AlInGaP 629nm White Diffused 1.8V 5mA 11mcd 110
0707 Package, Digital SMD RGB LED - Built-in Driver IC
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Peak Wavelength (nm) Intensity Typ. VDD VIH VIL If(mA) Lens Type View Angle 2x𝜃½
SMD-LX0707RGB-TR Red 630nm 125mcd 5V 0.7VDD ~ VDD 0V ~ 0.3VDD 5mA Water Clear 120
Green 520nm 270mcd
Blue 470nm 50mcd