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UVC LED in SMD Package

Replaced by SML-LXF3535UVCC10

In the unique Lumex QuasarBrite™ category - Ultraviolet, the emitting wavelength of SML-LX3636VSC-TR is between 265nm to 285nm, also know as Deep UV or UV-C.

Ultraviolet is a spectral category of Solar Irradiance which wavelength is from 10nm to 400nm and could be subdivided into spectral subcategory. The most well-known and widely used for disinfection subcategory is UVC(Ultraviolet C).

Starting from the major revision update of NSF/ANSI 55(NSF/ANSI 55-2019), UV-LED Technology is allowed to treat microorganisms in drinking water.

By the characteristics of Lumex UVC LED, SML-LX3636VSC-TR, such as tiny size , low operation voltage and instant on/off, this UVC LED is the answer of portable personal sterilization devices.


Features / Options

Applications / Uses

Chip UVC
Wavelength 265nm~285nm
Typ. Vf 6V
If 100mA
Radiant Flux 10mW
Lens Type Water Clear Glass
View Angle 2x𝜃½ 140

check Lumex UVC LED evaluation board for more details