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Digital LED Ring

made by SMD-LX0707RGB-TR

Lumex's Digital LED Rings are designed for evalution and application with circles.

Digital LED Rings
Digital LED Rings

One of the most important character of Digital LED is simplify the circuit design in a senario of using mutiple RGB LEDs.

However, Digital LEDs are not able to be light up with only power supply. In order to light up a Digital LED, a control IC is required. Together with the tiny 0707 package form factor of SMD-LX0707RGB-TR, evaluating Digital LEDs becomes a invisible barrier for customer.

Lumex has designed Digital LED controller and Digital LED Rings for customer to eliminate the effort of evaluating Digital LEDs.

While Lumex Digital Rings save the time on soldering, Lumex's Digital LED controller is for customer to connect between Digital LED Strip and variety of devices from an Arduino, a Raspberry Pi, a Desktop or a Laptop Computer.

As a global leader in the optoelectronics industry, Lumex has devlope a complete solution for customer to enjoy the benefits of Digital LEDs. In any case, feel free to use the inquiry form below to get contact with Lumex.

Digital LED Rings
SKU Description SPEC
SMR-6656-48-RGB-UR Diameter:66mm/56mm
48 Digital RGB LEDs
SMR-6656-24-RGB-UR Diameter:66mm/56mm
24 Digital RGB LEDs
SMR-5141-32-RGB-UR Diameter:51mm/41mm
32 Digital RGB LEDs
SMR-5141-16-RGB-UR Diameter:51mm/41mm
16 Digital RGB LEDs
SMR-3727-24-RGB-UR Diameter:37mm/27mm
24 Digital RGB LEDs
SMR-3727-12-RGB-UR Diameter:37mm/27mm
12 Digital RGB LEDs
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