QuasarBrite™ SMD LEDs

Narrow Beam SMD LED

QuasarBrite™ SML-LXIL0603 Serial SMT/SMD LEDs

Features / Options

  • Choice of colors
  • Lead frame / lens casting reliability
  • Easy-to-solder leads, gold finish
  • Available in tape and reel
  • Custom solutions available

Applications / Uses

  • Industrial controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Security electronics

The viewing angle of LEDs indicates how much the beam of light spreads out from the circuit board. LEDs also have a wide variety of viewing angles available. Standard LEDs have a viewing angle of 60˚, however others may have a narrow beam of 40˚ or less. The LED viewing angle is directly correlated to the epoxy lens that distributes the light. A higher luminous intensity (mcd rating) does not equate to the highest visibility. Light output from an LED chip is very directional. Higher light output is achieved by concentrating light in a tight beam. The higher the mcd rating, the narrower the viewing angle.

Narrow Beam SMD LED Packages
Narrow Beam - New Launch
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Chip Material Peak Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf (V) If (mA) Intensity Typ.(mcd) View Angle 2x𝜃
SML-LXIL0603SIC-TR Red 630 Clear 2.1 25 1600 75
SML-LXIL0603SYC-TR Yellow 585 Clear 2.1 25 1350 75
SML-LXIL0603UPGCTR Green InGaN 520 Clear 3.0 25 2135 75
SML-LXIL0603USBCTR Blue InGaN 470 Clear 3.0 25 500 75
SKU SPEC   Emitted Color Chip Material Peak Wavelength (nm) Lens Type Typ. Vf If(mA) Intensity Typ. View Angle 2x Theta
Red AlInGaP 625 Clear 2.2 25000 16
Red AlInGaP 625 Clear 2.2 50000 16