QuasarBrite™ SMD LEDs

Narrow Beam SMD LED

Features / Options

  • Choice of colors
  • Lead frame / lens casting reliability
  • Easy-to-solder leads, gold finish
  • Available in tape and reel
  • Custom solutions available

Applications / Uses

  • Industrial controls
  • Medical equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Security electronics

The viewing angle of LEDs indicates how much the beam of light spreads out from the circuit board. LEDs also have a wide variety of viewing angles available. Standard LEDs have a viewing angle of 60˚, however others may have a narrow beam of 30˚ or less. The LED viewing angle is directly correlated to the epoxy lens that distributes the light. A higher luminous intensity (mcd rating) does not equate to the highest visibility. Light output from an LED chip is very directional. Higher light output is achieved by concentrating light in a tight beam. The higher the mcd rating, the narrower the viewing angle.

Narrow Beam SMD LED Packages