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Lumex UART ezDisplay

ezDisplay 7 Segment LED Display Evaluation Board - LDM-0909-R4

Lumex® is proud to announce the release of ezDisplay 7 Segment LED Display Evaluation Kit, LDM-0909-R4, the first 7 segment LED Display with ezDisplay UART connection.

LDM-0909-Xa family is the first LED Display with UART interface. Normally, a 7 segment LED Display takes 8 pins, each segment takes one pin and co-share with cathod/anode, to make each segment independent and display different numbers by different combination of segements.

The other import feature of LDM-0909-Xa LED Display family is expanable. By connecting different number of LDM-0909 followers, LDM-0909-Xa is able to be expanded from 1 digit to 8 digits. The last character "a" of Part Number indicates the digits; for example, LDM-0909-R4 means the 4 digits.

There are three different colors, Red, Green and Yellow available to meet customer's choice. The "X" in the Part Number indicates the color.

ezDisplay 7 Segment LED Display Evaluation Board


Features / Options

  • UART interface, makes the circuit design simple and clean.

  • Variable length of Digits, up to 8 digits by connecting multiple single digit moudle together.

  • Available in Red, Green and Yellow.

  • Off load MCU

  • Customized Pattern is also available.

Instrument Examples

  • Clock

  • Temperature Instrument

  • Humidity Instrument

  • Counter

  • Meters
LDM-0909-Ra Assembly
LDM-0909-Ra Assembly
ez 7 Segment LED Display