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Lumex's latest family of ezDisplay includes various displays such as RGB LED Dot Matrix Display, OLED module and Monochrome LCD Module. With the built-in UART interface or attached Lumex UART module, the experience of managing a LED Display, OLED or LCM is extremly smooth than it ever was. Drawing a triangle, rectangle or a circle is not a problem. Writing something is so simple and straight forward.

Lumex has integrated the control mcu, driver IC and communication interface together to provide the best user experiences. Benefit by the UART interface, Lumex ezDisplay products is able to be managed by only four wires and fit for single board computers such as raspberry pi and arduino. Besides direct attached by using the UART interface, it can be extended by attaching USB to UART, Bluetooth to UART and RF to UART moudule.

There is no limitation of programming languanges while using Lumex ezDisplay. Lumex ezDisplay works with C, python or micro.bit. Actually, ezDisplay can be done by using serial console software.

Furthermore, all displays are running the same commands; users can easily change from one to the other based on different application needs.

Lumex ezDisplay related product is desgined to simplify the barriers of managing multiple LEDs, OLED and LCM. There are two major parts in all Lumex ezDisplay related prodcts, the controller and the media. Lumex ezDisplay Controller is used to interpreter user commands to electronic signals, this is also the core of Lumex ezDisplay. There are several products currently available in this categories.

  • Expandable 7 Segment LED Displays
  • RGB LED Dot Matrix Displays
  • OLED Modules
  • LCD Modules


Expandable 7 Segment LED Displays - ezDisplay 7 Segment

LDM-0909-Xa family is the first 7 Segment LED Display with UART interface. Check the evaluation suit - LDM-0909-R4 to find out more details.

LDM-0909-R4 shows Temperature


RGB LED Dot Matrix Displays - ezDisplay LDM

The standard package of ezDisplay LED Dot Matrix In-Door Family products is the 64x32 RGB LED Dot Matrix Module with UART Interface, USB power socket plus 1.5A current protector and BLE 4.0 module

ezDisplay LED Display Moudles(LDM)


OLED Modules

128x64 pixels OLED Display with built-in UART interface. The nature of OLED makes full view angle comparing to LCD modules. Available is four colors.

ezDisplay OLED Modules - LOD-H12864GP-G-UR
ezDisplay OLED Modules
- LOD-H12864GP-W-UR
ezDisplay OLED Modules
- LOD-H12864GP-Y-UR
ezDisplay OLED Modules
- LOD-H12864GP-B-UR

LCD Modules

128x64 LCD modules with white backlight. The backlight is so thin, which makes LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR an alternative choice comparing the price to ezDisplay OLED modules.

ezDisplay LCD Modules
- LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR



  • UART interface
  • Runs HEX or AT command modes
  • Build in fonts and patterns
  • Mixed Character and Graphic modes
  • Multi screens display capability
  • AP for Win10 is available


  • Fits any MCUs and Embedded systems
  • No driver or library needed
  • Able to show animation
  • Different languages are available on request
  • More complex information can be showed
  • User can run and test the display contents on PC

For more details, please contact Lumex Sales Representive or use the inquiry form below.

ezDisplay Products
Lumex Programmable RGB LED Dot Matrix Display - 4096 pixels
SKU SPEC Layout Pitch Usage
LDM-6464-P3-UR 64 × 64 3mm Indoor
LDM-6464-P4-UR 4mm
LDM-6464-P5-UR 5mm
LDM-12832-P3-UR 128 × 32 3mm
LDM-12832-P4-UR 4mm
LDM-12832-P5-UR 5mm
LDM-6464-P4-UR-O 64 × 64 4mm Outdoor
LDM-6464-P5-UR-O 5mm
LDM-12832-P4-UR-O 128 × 32 4mm
LDM-12832-P5-UR-O 5mm
ezDisplay Products
Lumex Programmable RGB LED Dot Matrix Display - 8192 pixels
SKU SPEC Layout Pitch Usage
LDM-12864-P3-UR 128 × 64 3mm Indoor
LDM-12864-P4-UR 4mm
LDM-12864-P5-UR 5mm
LDM-25632-P3-UR 256 × 32 3mm
LDM-25632-P4-UR 4mm
LDM-25632-P5-UR 5mm
LDM-12864-P4-UR-O 128 × 64 4mm Outdoor
LDM-12864-P5-UR-O 5mm
LDM-25632-P4-UR-O 256 × 32 4mm
LDM-25632-P5-UR-O 5mm
ezDisplay Products
LED Dot Matrix Displays
SKU Description SPEC Available addons
LDM-6432-P5-USB2-1 64x32 RGB LED Dot Matrix, 5mm Pitch.
Perfect for Indoor use.
UART Interface,
USB power,
1.5A current clamp,
USB to UART Bridge.
LDM-6432-P4-USB2-1 64x32 RGB LED Dot Matrix, 4mm Pitch.
Perfect for Indoor use.
LDM-6432-P3-USB2-1 64x32 RGB LED Dot Matrix, 3mm Pitch.
Perfect for Indoor use.
LDM-968-P3-UR 96x8 RGB LED Dot Matrix, 3mm Pitch.
The best choice of single line text.
ezDisplay Products
OLED Modules
SKU Description SPEC Note:
LOD-H12864GP-W-UR 128 x 64 Pixels, White OLED built-in ezDisplay UART Interface
LOD-H12864GP-Y-UR 128 x 64 Pixels, Yellow OLED
LOD-H12864GP-G-UR 128 x 64 Pixels, Green OLED
LOD-H12864GP-B-UR 128 x 64 Pixels, Blue OLED
ezDisplay Products
LCD Module - White Backlight
SKU Description SPEC Note
LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR 128 x 64 pixels Transflective LCD Module,
White Backlight.
built-in ezDisplay UART Interface

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