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ezDisplay -
UART Enhancement Display

LCD Moudle with Built-in ezDisplay UART Interface

128x64 pixels LCD Module with built-in UART interface. With the white color backlight, LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR is able to match the preformance comparing to OLED display in certain view angle. A perfect alternative option for budget limited projects.


  • UART interface
  • Runs HEX or AT command modes
  • Able to receive 128x64 bitmap data and display the bitmap simultaneously
  • Build in fonts and patterns
  • Mixed Character and Graphic modes
  • AP for Win10 is available


  • Fits any MCUs and Embedded systems
  • No driver or library needed
  • Able to show animation
  • Different languages are available on request
  • More complex information can be showed
  • User can run and test the display contents on PC
ezDisplay LCD Modules
- LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR
ezDisplay Products - New!!
LCD Module - RGB Backlight
SKU Description SPEC Note
LCM-H12864GSF-RGB-UR 128 x 64 pixels Transflective LCD Module,
RGB Backlight.
built-in ezDisplay UART Interface
ezDisplay Products - Hot!!
LCD Module - White Backlight
SKU Description SPEC Note
LCM-H12864GWN-W-UR 128 x 64 pixels Nagtive Transflective LCD Module,
White Backlight.
built-in ezDisplay UART Interface

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