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Lumex Switch

Global Supply Chain

ITW (Illinois Tool Works) is a Global Company listed on NASDAQ, Symbol ITW. The Company consists of seven business segments including: Automotive OEM; Welding; Construction Products; Food Equipment; Polymers and Fluids; Test & Measurement and Electronics; and Specialty Products. ITW leverages strategic sourcing resources to assure all of our customers receive priority access to raw materials allowing us to serve our customers with stable supply. ITW inventory strategies work together with Customer requirements so we can provide best global service and support to meet market demand. ITW is also highly motivated to operate our facilities using methods that consistently focus on preserving the environment and reduction of our carbon footprint. ITW works diligently to conduct business to ensure all employees foster our responsibility with the highest ethical, moral, and legal conduct while achieving world class performance, service, support, and quality.


Lumex Switch Manufacturing Introduction:

ITW Lumex Switch is a Global producer of switch products with over 50 years of experience. The North American facility is located in Carol Stream Illinois which primarily serves as a Sales office.

Lumex Switch manufacturing facility is located in Taiwan and has grown from a 4,000 m2 facility to 12,000 m2 facility. Our production facility continues to grow to support increased global demand. Production operations include injection molding, manual and automated assembly, and testing. Our manufacturing facility uses state of the art technology to obtain high quality products efficiently and economically. Lumex Switch products have successfully satisfied the most challenging application requirements in a variety of demanding customer applications.


Quality Assurance:

ITW Lumex Switch is a certified ISO 9001:2015 organization fully compliant with stringent processes and procedures that provide the highest quality products, service, and support meeting our customers’ toughest application requirements. State of the art test equipment is utilized within the manufacturing process and during final inspection to verify compliance with engineering specifications. Our sophisticated Quality Assurance Laboratory also conducts detailed analysis and reporting for qualified projects.


ESG (Environmental Sustainability Governance)
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

ITW Lumex Switch has a strong commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. We consider this responsibility a key factor in the culture of our organization and strive to continue focused efforts toward year over year reductions on environmental impact. The cardboard used in packaging utilizes a high percentage of recycled material content. We also work with our customers to identify opportunities to use recycled materials throughout their manufacturing processes.

Please refer to the Link below for more information about ITWs CSR results.

R&D Capability:

ITW Lumex Switch Technical experts and Engineers work together in creating innovative solutions solving the most challenging application requirements. Our highly qualified experienced teams work tirelessly while utilizing technical expertise in conjunction with test and measurement capabilities. This combination of resources drives meaningful high-quality, cost-effective solutions to deliver professional World Class High Quality products that meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Factory Facility

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