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Lumex Inc.
U.S.: 1-800-278-5666
ASIA: 886-3-5821124

TransBrite™ Light Pipes

Lumex offers an extensive line of TransBrite™ LED Light Pipes for applications that require light but are not well-suited to surface mount or through-hole LED technology.


TransBrite Light Pipes provide:

  • Right angle and vertical packaging solutions
  • Design flexibility
  • Uniform illumination over various lengths
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient optical design
  • Reduced shadowing and glare
  • Cost savings

Lumex uses state-of-the-art Ray Trace Software with precise 3D CAD/CAM models to ensure proper design and optimal light transmittance, with minimal light losses.

The following pages provide an overview of the types of light pipe products Lumex provides.

In addition to our standard product offering, Lumex can also customize any light pipe to suit your specific design needs.