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Lumex Display Adapting Service - LDAS℠

A full view of a typical vacuum fluorescent display used in a videocassette recorder

Lumex Display Adapting Service (LDAS℠) offer cost effective alternatives in applications using VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) components that may be approaching EOL (End Of Life). Capabilities include use of proprietary firmware in conjunction with “Pin to Pin” Compatibility. Combining these features help Lumex provide OLED, LCD, or LED alternatives, delivering better appearance while reducing the need for extensive engineering revision and costly investment.

LDAS℠ is a value-added service offered by Lumex using a variety of display types, such as OLED, LCD, and LED Displays. LDAS℠ solutions offer “pin to pin” compatibility for smooth interface with existing customer designs. LDAS℠ provides an economically attractive solution, offering direct replacement for EOL (End of Life) VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display) products. Lumex LDAS℠ solutions provide cost effective alternatives for discontinued parts. LDAS℠ is also attractive and popular for new product designs which is ideal for use in a variety of display applications.

128x64 pixels OLED in White Color

Most of the time, display is not the major function of a device. However, the role of a display of a device is more important than it's function. Being the interface between human and machine, a display is showing the status and all kinds of values from the machine to the user. Without a proper display, the user become blind while operating the machine.

Recently, Lumex get many requset from customer about the replacement or alternative of VFD(vacuum fluorescent display), because a major vender of VFD will stop provide VFD anymore. Being the experties of display and with the experiences of ezDisplay, Lumex provides Lumex Display Adapting Service(LDAS℠) to make LCD, OLED and LED Displays able to cover the shortage of VFD for those customers.

128x64 pixels OLED in Blue Color

Pin to Pin compatible

The beauty of LDAS℠ is pin to pin compatible to replace displays in existing devices. The majority of the use cases of displays are fully customized. Most displays need to attached to a PCB first and using this PCB to connect to devices. LDAS℠ is not only resolve the problem of firmware, but also the hardware. Based on the request of customers, LDAS℠ provides plug and play solution to customer, works like a charm.

128x64 pixels OLED in Yellow Color

Seamless Firmware Transition

One of the most important task to control a diplay is wrting firmware of the decvices. Without correct firmware on the devices, display won't work as expected. Taking VFD as the example, the protocol of VFD driver are complete different than OLED and LCD, customers needs to do firmware changing for those devices already in end user's place if the VFD needs a replacement. LDAS℠ provides seamless replacement of OLED to replace customer's VFD with no changing on the customer side.

LED Display in Stereo

Affordable Price

Depending on the variety of display options, the cost of choosing LDAS℠ is also in a wide range. In the recent cases of replacing VFD, the cost is much lower than the original VFD solution. Cost is always an important topic for manufacturing devices. Please do not hestitate to get contact with Lumex to get a quote or discuss the solution for your needs.

Negative LCD with Blue Backlight

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